Stones from Verdon

Back when we were working on Soundmorph’s new Robotic Lifeforms library, we needed some heavy thumping footsteps sweeteners to add some weight and texture to our already recorded metal layers. So we took our mics with us while going for a hike trip in the Verdon Canyon in south France, found an uber duper spot on top of a cliff with no wind and very little natural reverb, and more importantly, lots of rocks and a very neutral and stiff sounding dirt ground. That’s how we ended not hiking at all for the day and went back home with a fully loaded SD card and way to much dust on our equipment. Here is a little taster from the full session, recorded in stereo with two MKH8040 mic in a small Tascam DR100 recorder at 96khz 24bit.

As usual, royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library.

Here is the download link:

Stones from Verdon 96 24

Background image : Minohkim ©