Ultra Motor


Last time we were heading back to the studio and we started hearing huge motorcycle roaring far away. We took the car and headed straight to that noise. What a surprise when we discovered thousands of old, custom, hybrid, rare and powerful motorcycles. It was in fact one of the biggest Motorcycle gathering in the area this year! We quickly got back to the studio, took the L2CR setup, a few beers, found a quiet road which we knew they had to take in order to come back to the center of the city and hit record!

What you get in this small pack is Motor roaring passbies sounds, recorded with the Sanken CO100K and ORTF MKH8040, perfect for building cinematic trailer style whooshes.

Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library.

Here is the download link:

Ultra Motor 192

Background image : Ryan Quickfall ©