EC135 Copter

« Tango Bravo Charly…krrr…Suspect spotted Krrr… »

End of August it was the big event here in Biarritz: The G7. Unable to move more than an inch in the city due to thousand of security check points I decided to spend my time doing something productive and fired up the Mixpre 6 to record all those helicopters flying above us all the time for 3 days.

What you get in this small pack is a handful collection of the Police Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter passbies, full of character, recorded with the Sanken CO100K, MKH8050 and NOS MKH8040, perfect for your post production needs. You get each take in stereo ( 8040 ) and mono ( CO100K and 8050 ) all this at 192/24 of course.

Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library.

Here is the download link:

EC135 Copter Passbies

Background image : Michael Rondot ©