Celtic Trip

Back again with a cool little Freeby Pack.

This time is a sum up of my recent trip to the mystical territory of Elves, Fairies, giant stones and druids. I was gifted to spend an entire night recording the famous, but rarely heard deer slab, among other things like various sea shore ambiences, dead trees, ominous winds and a cool old car door mech ( yup..Tasty one ). 

You’ll find some Binaural recordings, PCM D100 XY recs along with Surround and MS ( 5.1 SMTPE ) stereo ambiences, all in perfectly cleaned and edited, ready to be mangled. There is even a special edit of the deer slab rec, slowed down 4 times…amazingly dark and menacing.

Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library.

Here is the download link:

Celtic Trip