Kyma Patch #2 – Cyborg Machine V2

Hi and welcome back Kyma nerds !

The Cyborg Machine is all about turning everything you feed it into a sci-fi abstract new sound. I use it mostly with already processed material, like granular stuff, and preferably not too short sources ( at least 5 seconds is a good starting point ). The philosophy of this patch resides in being able to create quickly and with a gestural manner ( use the Kyma app on ipad ! ) new sci-fi material from raw source recordings or already made FX, ranging from small variations to completely new outer space stuff.

For those of you who are already using the V1, V2 got rid of the spectral stretcher for a more funky and interesting grain stretcher that lets you scan threw the stretched sample. Also I added a new custom phasor, a doppler, a third chopper at the end of the processing chain and a few fine tuning tweaks on every modules. It now works in 96khz !


>>>Download link : B.A.D_Cyborg Machine V2


Please read the start up guide included in the Zip File and feel free to ask me directly on Facebook or by mail if you have any problem with the patch.

Have Fun !





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