If the success of your project depends on aesthetic idéals related to speech or graphic design, sound design is essential to define your identity and affirm your uniqueness in the eyes of your customers. Specializing in sound design, Bend Audio Design believes in the power of sound to convey a feeling, emphasize a brand identity, dive into a concept, or conjure an image.

With original an tailored compositions, we enhance your project and interfaces ( websites, advertisements, smart objects, exhibitons, scenography…) with a sound quality to improve the user experience, and therefore, communicate more persuasively.By combining creativity and High technology, Bend Audio Design innovates, raises awareness, and brings depths to your work to ensure the impact you need.

Direction Artistique 2-min

360° Sound Art Direction

A sound art director provides an expertise in several fields such as acoustics, psycho-acoustics, recording techniques, sound-design and music. Thanks to his knowledge and skills, he demonstrates strong strategic thinking concerning sound and music on a project’s art direction.
Our 360° solution includes counseling, strategy and custom creation as well as the availability of professionals (musicians, sound-mixers, acousticians) to provide highly creative and efficient content to your project.

Sound-design & Audio Post-production

As a component of sensorial marketing, sound-design is the essential tool to build sense and harmony between a product and its user. By highlighting functionality or making an image alive, it enables any project to reveal it’s meaning.
We design sounds for all media - movies, advertisements, web interfaces, smart objects, video games - as well as sound post-production services (voice-over recordings, synchronization).

Design Sonore 2-min
Musique 1 opti


Music is the most poetic medium when it goes along with narration. It has the power to illustrate and emphasize any emotion with refinement.
Our large catalog of musicians answer any stylistic expectations whether it is for movies, advertisements, documentaries or artistic installations.

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